15 Columbia, SC Bakeries: The Ultimate Guide

This article shares the best bakeries in Columbia. It includes everything from dedicated bake shops to cookie bakeries, donut shops and even a pre-order only bakery.

Whether you are looking for a perfect croissant, a decadent wedding cake, a fancy donut or just a delicious chocolate chip cookie, this list to Columbia bakeries has you covered!

Where Are The Best Bakeries In Columbia?

The Best Bakeries in Columbia, SC

If you are looking for gourmet sweets in Columbia, head to smallSUGAR in the Vista.

smallSUGAR is one of our favorite Columbia establishments– whether it’s for pastries, breakfast, lunch or coffee. Speaking of, smallSUGAR is listed on our favorite coffee shops in Columbia list.

smallSUGAR’s pastry case is filled with delicious croissants, danishes, rolls and more. We especially love their almond croissant. There is nothing else like it in town!

If you want to order for a box of pastries, give them a call at 803-722-7506 to see what’s available. Otherwise, pop in!

smallSUGAR also has a great breakfast and lunch menu, as well as a fabulous covered patio.

Pre-order only bakery on Devine Street

Ok, so first you need to know that Silver Spoon is currently a pre-order only bakery. As in, you can’t just pop in any day for a treat. But that doesn’t deter us! Their sweets are too delicious for that.

We love Silver Spoon Bake Shop’s cookies, pimento cheese biscuits and THE CINNAMON ROLLS. Their famous party fours. Everything. Oh, and they even dabble in ice cream now!

To snag something from their next drop, follow along on their Instagram or Facebook. You can place orders starting Wednesdays at 8PM with pickup on Friday afternoons from 4-6pm.

Crust Bakehouse


Exterior of Crust Bake House on Rosewood in Columbia, SC

For the best bread in Columbia…

Crust Bakehouse is such a great hidden gem in Rosewood. Their menu changes weekly and you can follow along on their Instagram or Facebook. In fact, you can even preorder by messaging them there.

Crust features a variety of fresh baked breads each week. You’ll find their house ‘Rosewood’ sourdough, multigrain, ciabatta, ciabatta rolls, baguettes and more. We think Crust makes the best bread in Columbia! You’ll also find scones on their weekly menu. My favorite is their chocolate chip scone, but you can’t go wrong with any!

If you are looking for less bread and more sweets, definitely try their pecan financier if it’s on the menu or any of their brownies or blondies. Their sweets change regularly, but you can always count on something like a cookie, tart or brownie.

Main Street Bakery & Gift Shop

North Main

Pink birthday cake from Main Street Bakery in Columbia, SC

Main Street Bakery is the number destination for delicious cake in Columbia!

No, really. They have an amazing cake selection. Choose from their daily cakes like buttercream, coconut pineapple, yellow chocolate, pound cake… or pick from their rotating daily schedule. We especially love their Red Velvet cake available on Wednesdays! You can also occasionally find their sweets at Azalea Coffee on Devine Street.

Main Street Bakery creates cakes for special occasions, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary… you name it! You can get more details on their custom cakes here. You can also pre-order some of their most-loved baked goods with just a bit of advanced notice.

Main Street Bakery is a family-owned and Black-owned bakery. They do sell out of crowd favorites, so order in advance or go early!

Ally & Eloise

FOrest Acres and Downtown

Special order cake from Ally & Eloise Bake Shop

Cake, cookies, cake pops and more!

Another great bakery in Columbia! And this one has two locations. The first is on Forest Drive in Forest Acres and the second is downtown inside the Arcade Mall on Main Street. Each has delicious treats (cookies, cake pops, baby cakes, bars…) and is a great destination for special order cakes.

Ally & Eloise is known for their gorgeous wedding and birthday cakes. If you are interested in ordering one, fill out their custom cake inquiry form.

Kudzu Bakery & Market

Forest Acres

Pastry case full of cakes and cheesecake at Kudzu Bakery in Columbia, SC

Part bakery, part cafe, part marketplace

Kudzu Bakery is new-ish to the scene, with two other locations in Mount Pleasant, SC and Litchfield, SC. They have a great selection of breads and baked goods like cakes, pies and cookies in their bakery section. We expecially love their cheesecakes!

Apart from baked goods, you’ll also find sandwiches on the menu as well as a marketplace with canned sauces, preserves, wines, casseroles, pre-made appetizers, spreads and cheeses.

Tiffany’s Sweets, Eats & Meeting Place

Northeast Columbia

Flower cupcakes from Tiffany's Bakery in Columbia, SC

If you haven’t been to Tiffany’s yet… it’s an experience!

There is a lot going on at Tiffany’s Sweets, Eats & Meeting Place. We’ll start with the ‘sweets’ part of the name…

Here you’ll find a bakery case filled with delicious goodies. They are the go-to place for petit fours (although Silver Spoon also has their version of Party Fours which are delicious.) Tiffany’s has cakes, cupcakes, brownies, bars, cookies, donuts, muffins, cinnamon rolls… you name it, they have it!

Tiffany’s also has a cafe in the same building as well as a bar. See, I told you it was an experience! They have a full lunch and dinner menu with sandwiches, burgers, wraps, quiche and even chicken tenders. They also have breakfast and brunch. You can view the full menu here.

The best destination for a cinnamon roll in Columbia!

While it’s not a classic bakery, we couldn’t leave Devine Cinnamon Roll Deli off this list. Their cinnamon rolls are from heaven.

We love the classic cinnamon roll (especially when paired with a breakfast sandwich.) But they also have a ton of fun specialty flavors. And, of course, we have to mention the Cinnamonster roll that feeds a group!

The Devine Cinnamon Roll Deli also has delicious breakfast sandwiches and is a great place for lunch in Columbia.

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Forest Acres

Blueberry Bliss Cake from Nothing Bundt Cake in Columbia, SC

The best frosting in Columbia

We cannot get enough of Nothing Bundt Cakes’ perfect bundt cakes and amazing frosting. All of their flavors are amazing, but we especially the white chocolate raspberry and red velvet.

Their Bundlet cakes are precious and make for a really easy gift. You can buy them individually, as a tower or in a box of 12. Even smaller than that are their famous Bundtini cakes available by the dozen! These are great when feeding a large group.

Crumbl COokies

Forest Acres

Three cookies from Crumbl stacked on top of each other

Cookie chain with delicious cookies and great flavor combinations

You may already be familiar with Crumbl Cookies from other cities. They have brought the same delicious recipes to Cardinal Crossing in the heart of Forest Acres.

Their cookie menu changes weekly but you can always count on delicious flavors. Check their site for their current offerings.

Insomnia Cookie

Five points

Assorted cookies from Insomnia Cookies

Hot and fresh late night cookies

Another cookie chain but this one is in Five Points. Insomnia specializes in late night cookie deliveries. They are practically located on the USC campus so it is heavily frequented by students.. Hey all of you parents of Carolina students— send your kid some cookies!

We love all of their cookies, but especially the classic warm chocolate chip cookie and their besprinkled birthday cake cookie.

Ice cream cookie sandwiches in Five Points

And onto another cookie shop in Five Points but this one specializes in ice cream cookie sandwiches!

That’s right– choose your cookies, choose your ice cream flavor and enjoy. You can choose any kind of cookie or brownie and you can mix or match the top and bottom. It’s another one loved by Carolina students if you can imagine.

Blue Flour Bakery


chocolate chip and sprinkle cookies on a baking tray at Blue Flour Bakery in Irmo, SC

A great spot for cookies in Irmo, SC

Blue Flour Bakery in Irmo has darling mini cookies and big cookies that are 5 inches tall! They also have decorated sugar cookies, muffins, bars and more.

Apart from their amazing cookies and other sweets, you can also have breakfast or lunch at Blue Flour. Their menu is limited but includes mini quiche and breakfast sandwiches. My favorite menu item ever is the bacon blue cheese biscuit! You can also buy a bag of granola at the shop. And of course, you can get a coffee or espresso drink.

Blue Flour used to have a location in downtown Columbia on Main Street. Their Irmo location is the only one open today.

The DonuT Guy

The Vista

Donuts from the Donut Guy in Columbia, SC

Excellent donuts in the Vista

The Donut Guy started out at the Soda City Market and grew such a following that a shop was in order. Today you’ll find Donut Guy in The Vista, though they also still have a presence at the weekly Soda City Market.

Choose from mini donuts, regular donuts, donut platters and more. You can also get fried oreos and elephant ears at Donut Guy! And a box of coffee. It’s a favorite spot of ours if you can’t tell. Expecially their morning special— two donuts and a cup of coffee for $5.

Duck Donuts

Cross Hill Market

Box of sprinkle donuts from Duck Donuts in Columbia, SC

Build-your-own donuts near Devine Street

Duck Donuts is located in Cross Hill Market across from Whole Foods. It’s a build-your-own donut shop, and you get to watch the donut process from start to finish.

You can choose from a menu with a ton of ideas or truly build your own. You select a coating (ex. glazed, powder sugar, chocolate icing, peanut butter icing…), up to 2 toppings for each donut and a drizzle.

For toppings they have everything from graham crackers to bacon! I typically opt for something kind of basic like cinnamon sugar, but our kids love to mix it up each time. I will say that no matter the combination, the donuts always turn out beautiful!

And that wraps up our list of the best bakeries in Columbia. It was certainly a fun one to pull together and we hope it inspires your next sweet adventure in this great city.

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