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The Baked Bear

631 Harden Street | Columbia, SC

Located in Five Points

About The Baked Bear

The Baked Bear is an ice cream shop in Five Points that specializes in ice cream sandwiches. Choose your cookie base and your ice cream flavor to make your perfect dessert!

What’s really fun is that you can mix and match your cookie or brownie base. So, a chocolate cookie bottom and a brownie top is totally ok! You can also get your cookie sandwich pressed if you prefer to warm things up a bit.

If ice cream sandwiches aren’t your style. you can order by the scoop instead or just get a brownie or cookie. We personally love the Bear Bowl which comes with a warm chocolate chip cookie and a scoop of ice cream. It’s the less messy alternative to a cookie sandwich!

Baked Bear is located just by the Groucho’s in Five Points and they make for an excellent combination.

The Baked Bear
631 Harden Street
Columbia, South Carolina 29205

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