Ultimate Guide to 10+ Coffee Shops in Columbia, SC

A local’s guide to the best coffee shops in Columbia

If you are looking for a list of the best coffee shops in Columbia, look no further! We knew this would be one of the first ‘best of Columbia‘ lists because we love coffee and we love Columbia!

We tried to capture the vibe of each coffee shop in our guide, as well as provide details on parking, food options and whole bean availability.

There are a few local roasters on the list and we promise you can’t go wrong with any of the shops listed!

So, if you’re visiting Columbia and are looking for the best coffee shop to work remotely from or if you want to meet friends for a latte (or five!), we’ve got you covered. These are all tested and approved by us!

Map to the best coffee shops in Columbia, SC

We realized while making this list that several of these coffee shops are new(ish) to the scene. It’s great to see how much Columbia is thriving and can support these coffee shops around town– we can’t wait to see what other ones pop up! Looking at the map… Forest Acres needs one stat!

Before the list– one last thing! THESE ARE NOT RANKED! That would be impossible! There are too many great coffee shops, each with their own unique vibe and offerings. Instead, we have tried to highlight what we love about each shop. Hopefully this list will lead you to find your favorite coffee shop(s) in Columbia!

1. Drip Coffee

Drip Coffee in Five Points is the quintessential coffee shop that you would expect to see in the young artsy neighborhood the Five Points is known for.

The cozy space inside Drip is so warm and inviting. You’ll want to sit for hours listening to the sounds of espresso being made and upbeat chatter (and the occasional live music!) There is seating in the main area and additional seating in the back.

It’s a great spot to study, work, meet friends or go on a coffee date. The staff really knows their coffee and can help you pick from their array of single-origin beans from around the world.

Drip has an awesome food menu as well with unique sandwiches– my favorite is the prosciutto, fig jam & brie on a house-made biscuit! Oh, and don’t forget to snag one of their chocolate chip cookies.

Interior of Drip in Five Points in Columbia, SC

About Drip Coffee

Quick details: Cozy coffee shop with excellent breakfast and lunch sandwiches. Great coffee menu! You can also browse a small record shop in the back or grab gelato next door at Scoopy Doo (same owner!)

Location: 729 Saluda Ave // Five Points

Availability: open daily

Beverages: Full espresso menu, pour over with house blend and several single-origin coffees. You’ll also find beer, wine and other fun drinks like Italian sodas!

Whole bean availability: Drip offers a house blend and several single-origin and micro-lot beans all available for purchase whole bean in 1/2 lb or lb quantities.

Food options: Excellent biscuits and sandwiches that are great for breakfast or lunch!

Online Ordering: Available on their app (Apple only)

Parking: Metered street parking is typically available along Saluda Ave. or in the Harden Street Parking Lot (between Harden St. and Saluda Ave.)

2. Curiosity Coffee Bar

Curiosity Coffee Bar is an awesome independent coffee shop located in Columbia’s North Main district.

They’ll make your coffee any way you like whether it’s an espresso drink, pour-over, French press, or just a plain old batch brew. They also have a great selection of breakfast and lunch sandwiches and delicious breakfast pastries baked by local bakeries around town.

Curiosity hosts food trucks on Monday evenings for their Mobile Food Mondays, which is always a blast! Oh, and last but certainly not least: Curiosity has LIVE MUSIC!! Check their Facebook page for details.

Brick exterior of Curiosity Coffee Bar in north main area of Columbia SC

About Curiosity Coffee Bar

Quick details: Super laid-back spot to grab coffee and a great breakfast or lunch. They also host live music, trivia and have food trucks on Monday evenings.

Location: 2327 Main Street (North Main) // You can also find them every Saturday at the Soda City Market on Main Street.

Availability: Open daily

Beverages: Curiosity has a killer signature drink menu with things like a campfire cold brew and strawberry fields forever (matcha + strawberry purée + vanilla + dairy/non-dairy of choice.) They also have coffee, tea, IZZE, Mexican Coke… And you can add CBD!

Whole bean availability: You’ll typically find bags of 1000 Faces Coffee as well as other varieties. Some of the best whole beans I have ever had came from Curiosity during the thick of COVID and I still think about it today…

Food options: Curiosity has an awesome all-day breakfast menu and lunch menu. Everything from coffee cake to fritatas to bagels to a fluffernutter!

Online Ordering: Yes! You can place an order on their site.

Parking: Parking lot right by the building.

3. Azalea Coffee Bar

Azalea is newer to the Columbia coffee scene but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming one of the best coffee shops in Columbia!

The owner started her coffee business as 72 Coffee Co., selling drinks out of a Pinterest-worthy camper at weddings, the Soda City Market and other events. The Devine Street shop opened in early 2021 and quickly became a go-to spot for locals.

Azalea puts a focus on coffee and tea from female producers. They also partner with many women and minority-owned businesses in the community.

Exterior of Azaela Coffee Bar on Devine Street in Columbia, SC

About Azalea Coffee Bar

Quick details: A perfectly pink and upbeat coffee shop mixed amongst the shops of Devine Street. Azalea is big on supporting women-owned businesses. Don’t miss their amazing mural inside!

Location: 2700 Devine Street (near Craft & Draft, J. McLaughlin and Slate) // Devine St District

Availability: Open daily

Beverages: A fun menu that changes seasonally! A favorite of ours is the Queen Bee (espresso, honey, cinnamon, milk, cinnamon sugar)

Whole bean availability: Yes! Type varies but you can always find something good.

Food options: Depends on the day! They typically have pastries available (sourced from women-owned bakeries!) and lunch items from Spotted Salamander. They also occasionally host food trucks out front. Follow along their Instagram to find out what’s going on.

Online Ordering: Yes! Order through their app!

Parking: Azalea has a few spots out front and you can also park in front of the other shops on Devine Street.

4. Indah Coffee

As soon as you walk through Indah’s doors in Cottontown, you can feel that they know their coffee and take it seriously. Indah roasts its own coffee beans under the same roof and you can catch a glimpse of the process in the back.

The coffee shop has plenty of seating and the relaxed atmosphere makes it a great spot to get some work done or catch up with friends.

Exterior of Indah Coffee Co in Cottontown

About Indah Coffee

Quick details: A local coffee shop that roasts their own beans in-house. Great coffee and espresso drinks with a few pastries on the menu.

Location: 2238 Sumter Street // Cottontown (you can also find them at Soda City Market on Saturday mornings)

Availability: Open daily

Beverages: Summit keeps it easy with a straightforward drink menu. You can get espresso drinks, batch brew, pour-over, cold brew and tea.

Whole bean availability: Yes, yes! Indah Coffee Co offers all their beans roasted in-house for sale.

Food options: They have a few pastries and sweets available at the counter– scones, muffins and pastries. It’s a limited menu but it works!

Online Ordering: None

Parking: Street parking is available on Sumter St. and there is a small parking lot next to the shop.

5. Oliver Gospel Roastery

A standout coffee roastery in downtown Columbia on a mission to end homelessness.

The Oliver Gospel Roastery opened in 2020 as a social enterprise by The Oliver Gospel Mission. They work to transform the city and end homelessness in Columbia. Every cup of coffee and bag of beans purchased goes toward this mission.

The coffee shop and roastery is such a great addition to the Main Street area of downtown Columbia. It’s really cute inside and you can actually see the roasting process. And, of course, it smells amazing! It’s a great coffee shop to work from

Exterior of Oliver Gospel Roastery in Columbia's Main Street District

About Oliver Gospel Roastery

Quick details: A great local roaster + cool coffee shop with an even better mission to end homelessness in Columbia.

Location: 1120 Taylor St // downtown Columbia

Availability: Closed Sunday

Beverages: Full espresso menu, fun frappes (banana pudding, strawberry shortcake…), tons of flavored syrups and teas

Whole bean availability: They are a roaster! Buy a bag, get a free coffee. All of their blends are great, but we really love their dark 1888 roast and their medium roast Hue Hue (pronounced like ‘way way’.)

Food options: Bagels, biscotti, pastries, packaged bars

Online Ordering: You can order bags of beans online

Parking: Metered street parking out front and along Main Street

6. Blūm

Blūm is another great Devine Street coffee shop that has popped up in the last few years.

As the name suggests, Blūm has a focus on all things coffee and plants. You can see this in the decor and their inspired menu that incorporates botanical flavors into their coffee. It’s a great spot to get some work done or meet with friends for coffee.

About Blūm

Quick details: Cute coffee spot on Devine Street near Five Points. You’ll be surrounded by pretty plants and a botanical-inspired drink menu.

Location: 2824 Devine Street | Devine St District

Availability: Open daily

Beverages: Full espresso menu with some really unique options (lavender, pistachio, raspberry, ginger to name a few!) They also have drip coffee, teas and tea lattes.

Whole bean availability: Blūm brews and sells Counter Culture beans– they are a roaster out of Davidson, NC

Food options: A variety of pastries

Online Ordering: None

Parking: There is a large parking lot in the back off of Maple. You can also park out front on Devine Street, but this can be a bit tricky (especially when backing into oncoming traffic when leaving!!) We recommend the parking lot!

7. Immaculate Consumption

A hidden gem coffee roaster + breakfast and lunch spot near the State House.

Immaculate Consumption is the perfect hidden gem coffee shop in downtown Columbia. It’s exactly the type of local place I love. Not only are they a coffee roaster with some great blends, but they also have great breakfast and an extensive lunch menu.

Upstairs at Immaculate is the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat with friends. Meanwhile, downstairs you’ll find intimate seating that’s great for working or studying.

About Immaculate Consumption

Quick details: A small eatery and local coffee roaster near the State House

Location: 933 Main St | downtown Columbia (behind the State House)

Availability: closed Sundays

Beverages: Full espresso menu, chai latte, frozen mocha, tea, hot chocolate, milkshakes

Whole bean availability: They are a roaster!

Food options: Baked goods (biscuits, danishes, foccacia, scones), breakfast sandwiches, oatmeal, smoothies, lunch sandwiches + salads

Online Ordering: None

Parking: Parking lot behind Immaculate Consumption and street parking along Main Street.

8. SmallSUGAR

An all-day café from NYC chefs Aaron Hoskins and Sarah Simmons (husband and wife btw!) Psst: they are also behind City Grit and Il Focolare!

Small Sugar has spectacular food and is a great place to get some work done or dine with friends. They also put an emphasis on the community, which makes it a standout on this list.

About Small Sugar

Quick details: A cute cafe with the best breakfast and lunch in Columbia! Small Sugar has great outdoor seating on a covered patio. It’s the perfect spot to dine outdoors on a famously hot Columbia morning. Small Sugar is on my must-do Columbia list for visitors!

Location: 709 Gervais St // The Vista

Availability: open daily

Beverages: Small Sugar brews up Counter Culture and has a full espresso menu. You’ll also find a matcha latte, teas, chai au lait, housemade limeade and a Charleston Fog made with chrysanthemum syrup!

Whole bean availability: Counter Culture!

Food options: Only the best in town! Amazing breakfast and lunch plates as well as the actual best pastries in Columbia! Everything is made from scratch. Don’t miss their tartines and the almond croissant!

Online Ordering: Yes! Order on their site

Parking: Street parking in front on Gervais Street and behind Small Sugar on Lady Street. Our recommendation is Lady Street because there are more spots and less traffic.

Small Sugar serves as the location of the second phase of the pilot the CITY GRIT Hospitality Workforce Development program, created to provide opportunity and culinary training to non-college-bound youth.

Apart from that, Small Sugar guarantees a living wage for their employees, offers a transportation stipend and community volunteer incentives. You can read more about their mission on their site! It’s easy to see why Small Sugar is on our list of best coffee shops in Columbia!

9. As Well As (formerly The Well Cafe)

As Well As is a trendy coffee shop with great decor and even better coffee and smoothies. They have a ton of fun ‘wellness lattes’, which will get you caffeinated while giving you a few extra immune-boosting ingredients.

As Well As is the perfect spot to meet your girlfriends after a class at Studio Fire (the yoga, HIIT, barre, dance studio located there!)

Interior of As Well As coffee shop

About As Well As

Quick details: A beautiful coffee shop filled with plants and art serving up awesome (and healthy!) drinks. They also have a workout studio (Studio Fire) and boutique. Follow their Instagram for details on holiday markets and farmers markets.

Location: 3000 Rosewood Drive (just south of Shandon)

Availability: open daily

Beverages: Full espresso menu with awesome ‘wellness’ lattes. Their signature drink is called The Rosewood Latte and it’s spicy and immune-boosting with beet, rose, cinnamon and ginger. They also have a strawberry latte and a rosemary latte!

Food options: Smoothies and acai smoothie bowls! The blueberry acai bowl is such a treat!

Online Ordering: Delivery available through BiteSquad

Parking: Parking lot right out front.

10. Kaminsky’s Dessert Cafe

An awesome dessert cafe in the Vista that makes a great cup of coffee

Ok, so this isn’t where I’d tell you to go study or work remotely. BUT! Kaminsky’s in the Vista has an awesome coffee menu and equally amazing desserts. It doesn’t open until after 4pm or 5pm, though, so don’t try to start your morning here.

Instead, file Kaminsky’s under dreamy places to get coffee while on a date.

Apart from awesome coffee drinks, milkshakes, adult milkshakes and even beer, you will find incredible desserts! We enjoy going with groups of friends so that we can each sample something new. And you can also order Kaminsky’s to go if you aren’t feeling a night out.

About Kaminsky’s Dessert Cafe

Quick details: The perfect date night coffee shop in Columbia

Location: 930 Gervais St | The Vista

Availability: Open daily (after 4pm Friday and Saturday and after 5PM Sunday-Thursday)

Beverages: Full espresso menu, great signature coffees (like an ice cream sandwich latte!), milkshakes, adult milkshakes, beer, cider

Whole bean availability: None

Food options: Dessert!

Online Ordering: Yes! You can order for pickup or delivery.

Parking: Metered parking on Gervais Street and a small parking lot by Boku

Other coffee shops we love near Columbia

There are a few more spots that aren’t quite in the city but worth mentioning on our guide to Columbia coffee shops. The first is in Cayce and is just a quick trip over the Congaree River. The second is all the way in Irmo, but if you are in the area it’s a great stop!

11. Piecewise Coffee Co. (Cayce)

You’ll find a perfect little coffee haven with excellent drinks, awesome pastries and beautiful decor just across the river in Cayce.

Piecewise is such a warm and welcoming space and has made a great addition to the area.

They serve pastries from SmallSUGAR, which alone gives Piecewise 5 gold stars in our book! The staff is always so friendly, as is the couple behind the shop!

About Piecewise Coffee

Quick details: Cozy coffee shop with great drinks and great bites! You’ll be inspired to redecorate your house after visiting. Great for getting some work done!

Location: 2001 State Street | Cayce (just over the bridge from Columbia!)

Availability: closed Sundays

Beverages: Full espresso menu and some fun house specials like a honeysuckle latte and honey cinnamon cardamom. They also make a great pour-over! You’ll also find teas, sodas and kombucha on the menu.

Whole bean availability: Piecewise sells bags of Methodical Coffee (an awesome roaster out of Greenville, SC)

Food options: Pastries from Small Sugar (including a few vegan ones!) Seriously the best!!! The almond croissant is our favorite but all are exceptional.

Online Ordering: Yes! Order through their app

Parking: Parking lot on the side of the building

12. Loveland Coffee

A beloved coffee shop and roaster in Irmo.

Loveland Coffee is such a gem in Irmo, SC. They roast their own coffee and you can tell are really passionate about what they do. It’s also a really welcoming space complete with board games!

We like to pair a trip to Loveland Coffe with a visit to the Community Park of Irmo. There you’ll find a fantastic playground and a ton of space to walk and explore.

About Loveland Coffee

Quick details: Large cafe and coffee shop in Irmo with great bites and their own roasts.

Location: 7475 Carlisle St | Irmo

Availability: Closed Sundays

Beverages: Full espresso menu plus a few house specialties like their latte con miel (cinnamon + honey), vanilla lavender latte and mayan mocha. You’ll also find frappes, tea, chai, hot chocolate and a beverage cooler.

Whole bean availability: They are a roaster!

Food options: Bagel sandwiches, quiche, scones, cinnamon rolls, etc. and a few lunch sandwiches and salads

Online Ordering: None

Parking: Large parking lot

That wraps up our best of Columbia coffee list! We will continue to update it as new shops open and we try out new-to-us shops. We hope this list inspires you to try a new coffee shop if you are local or to test out a few on your next visit to the capital city!

Know of any other coffee shops that deserve to be on our list of the best coffee shops in Columbia? Get in touch!!

Disclaimer: Hours, pricing, menus, etc. may have changed since we last updated this post, so make sure to confirm all of this directly prior to visiting any business or attraction listed on our site. When In Columbia does not accept sponsored posts. All opinions are our own. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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