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Villa Tronco

1213 Blanding Street | Columbia, SC

Located in Downtown Columbia

About Villa Tronco

Villa Tronco is a classic homestyle Italian restaurant located in the heart of downtown Columbia. Villa Tronco’s claim to fame is not just that they are the oldest restaurant in the state of South Carolina, but also that they have been serving fine Italian cuisine for just as long.

On the menu, you will find classic Italian seafood, pasta and chicken entrees. They also have handmade pizza cut into squares!

Villa Tronco is located on Blanding Street just off Main street. Truly the heart of the city! The restaurant’s iconic picturesque storefront draws you in with the promise of authentic Italian food. It is such a great spot for a date night in Columbia or a special dinner out.

Villa Tronco
1213 Blanding Street
Columbia, South Carolina 29201

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