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Tacos Nayarit

1531 Percival Road | Columbia, SC

Located in Forest Acres

About Tacos Nayarit

Tacos Nayarit started as a food truck and now they are in the process of opening additional locations in Cayce and Irmo. That should be enough to catch your attention! They truly have some of the best Mexican food in Columbia.

Their menu is pretty quick and easy to understand. They present it in steps: 1) choose your meal 2) choose your meat and 3) customize with toppings. They have quesadillas, nachos, burritos, burrito bowls, nachos tortas, chalupa, taco salads and their famous tacos. You can choose between corn, flour or hard tortillas for your tacos.

We absolutely love their Taco Birria, the taco salad, their nachos with steak and, well, everything. They truly have some of the best tacos in Columbia and are well worth a visit.

Their food is fresh and it without a doubt lives up to the hype. Also, expect a line! It moves fast and is just a testament to its greatness.

Tacos Nayarit
1531 Percival Road
Columbia, South Carolina 29223

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