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Tacos El Puebla

4330 Fort Jackson Boulevard | Columbia, SC

Located in Cross Hill Market

About Tacos El Puebla

If you are looking for awesome tacos in Columbia, head to Tacos El Puebla! It’s a hidden gem Mexican restaurant located near the Cross Hill Market shopping center.

Not only are their tacos delicious, but they also have tortas, chimichangas, quesadillas, gorditas and huaraches. Choose from beef, pork, chicken, chorizo, shredded beef, pork rinds, beef tongue or beef tripe. Quite the selection! Their menu is pretty cool because it’s divided by price– there’s a $5 section, a 3 for $9 section and $2 tacos and dobladitas y empanadas.

Prior to opening up their brick-and-mortar taco shop, Tacos El Puebla operated as a food truck. Be prepared for a tight parking lot, but it’s worth it! 

Tacos El Puebla
4330 Fort Jackson Boulevard
Columbia, South Carolina 29205

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