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Moctezuma’s Taqueria

506 Beltline Boulevard | Columbia, SC

Located in Devine Street

About Moctezuma’s Taqueria

Moctezuma’s Taqueria is a hole-in-the-wall authentic Mexican restaurant in Columbia. It’s located on Beltline near Midlands Tech and Devine Steet. It’s just down from Cross Hill Market (where they actually used to have a second location, but it closed in January 2023.)

They have a full menu with all of the delicious Mexican food you’d expect. Quesadillas, street tacos, enchiladas, burritos and a full margarita list. You’ll find everything from a skinny margarita to a chocolate margarita! And, of course, a house margarita. Their cheese steak burrito is a crowd favorite and don’t skip out on their queso.

They are located near Devine Street and Cross Hill Market. Moctezuma’s also has a food truck that makes appearances around town.

Moctezuma’s Taqueria
506 Beltline Boulevard
Columbia, South Carolina 29205

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