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5th Avenue Deli

3000 Rosewood Drive | Columbia, SC

Located in Rosewood

About 5th Avenue Deli

Tucked away on Rosewood Drive between Shandon and Rosewood neighborhoods, 5th Avenue Deli is a favorite lunch spot for locals. With a huge selection of sandwiches named after local streets, there is something for everyone.

5th Avenue Deli in Rosewood is clean and bright. It can get crowded during the lunch rush, but there is always a friendly buzz filling the room. You can tell it’s where the locals love to eat!

It’s kind of tucked away even though it’s right on Rosewood. It’s next door to The Well Cafe, which is featured on our best coffee shops in Columbia list!

For pastrami lovers we can highly recommend the Monroe — we also love the Edisto (Roast beef and pimento cheese.)

5th Avenue Deli
3000 Rosewood Drive
Columbia, South Carolina 29205

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